I'm so pleased and impressed that my son Vincent became so confident about and interested in dancing and drama. He asked me many times when he can start again with Ben and Brenna for another course no matter it's during holiday and during school term. I can't say more thank you to you two, Ben and Brenna! It totally changed Vincent's mindset. Please do arrange a regular course during school term and I will definitely enrol my son in it. Thanks again. 

Claudia (age 8)

I think MPA is great because if you are scared to go stage it encourages you to face your fear. Another reason is that you make a lot of friends when you are there. It also gives you exercise while doing something you love. In my opinion, I think MPA is fun, exciting and it gives you confidence. So I really encourage you to send your child to MPA.


What a beautiful message to convey to our youth, you guys inspire and ignite creativity to help kids value themselves and the love of learning and growing. Thankyou. 


My girls absolutely loved the workshop, been buzzing about it ever since. Huge thank you to you both. 


I can't say enough how much my boys loved coming to MPA. Yes they were tired at the end of each day but they couldn't wait to go back the following morning. Hugo just loved the dancing, and it was wonderful to see Xavier with a beaming smile on his face all through the performance. The production itself was amazing and brought tears to my eyes- we were very impressed with what Ben and Brenna had put together in 2.5 days! Hugo has already asked me if he can do it again in the July school holidays.


Thank you for providing this experience for my daughters. They loved it and hopefully will have a positive effect on their confidence on stage / in front of an audience.